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Ancient ERA Persia – 远古东方的童话之声
Eduardo Tarilonte 再一次将你引诱到几乎被遗忘的声音世界。这一次,他出击捕捉魔法和神秘的发源地及其古老文明的声音。体验《一千零一夜》中神秘的声音、沙漠沙子随时间流逝的配乐以及让波斯王子起舞的音乐。

继森林王国、沙漠之风、史诗世界和 ERA 中世纪传奇的作品之后,Eduardo Tarilonte 将这个图书馆奉献给了古老东方的声音:Ancient ERA Persia。

经过两年的发展,Ancient ERA Persia 变成了一个庞大的图书馆,里面有来自中东的流行乐器和鲜为人知的乐器,它将以其动人的声音激发您的幻想。


在 Ancient ERA Persia 中,Eduardo Tarilonte 以最高质量和最精细的细节录制了 28 种打击乐器、管乐器和弦乐器。此外,您会发现真实演奏的乐句以及鼓舞人心的声音氛围。这些乐器提供了乐句中使用的所有发音。几个微调允许为仪器使用每个所需的调音。

就打击乐而言,除了可演奏的乐器外,还有 1.000 个不同节奏和节奏的循环。

Ancient ERA Persia 将过去的中东声音和音乐氛围带入现代 DAW 支持的制作环境。引擎播放器经过精心编程的用户界面可实现快速简便的工作流程,这将使音乐家处于纯粹的创造力状态。

Ancient ERA Persia 适用于不同的应用和流派。范围涵盖用真实音色、奇幻游戏、电影配乐和新时代歌曲为古董作品评分。

Ancient ERA Persia 的声音确实独一无二,在任何其他图书馆都找不到。乐器、发音和声音氛围的出色选择为音乐家和制作人提供了广泛的纲要 – 它没有任何声音可以满足。


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Ancient ERA Persia – The Sound of Fairy Tales in Ancient Orient
Once again, Eduardo Tarilonte seduces you into almost forgotten sonic worlds. This time, he strikes out to capture sounds of the birthplace of magic and mystery and their ancient civilizations. Experience the arcane sounds from Arabian Nights, the soundtrack of desert sand trickling away in time and music that makes the Prince of Persia dance.

Following his works of Forest Kingdom, Desert Winds, Epic World and ERA Medieval Legends, Eduardo Tarilonte has dedicated this library to the sound of the ancient orient: Ancient ERA Persia.

Two years of development formed Ancient ERA Persia into an extensive library with both popular and less known instruments from the Middle East, that will spark your fantasy with its touching sounds.

Therefore, this library is the go-to choice for movie soundtracks and television documentaries about this region. At the same time, the library is suited for traditional music productions and also provides a perfect background for videogames taking place in the Middle East.

The Instruments
For Ancient ERA Persia, Eduardo Tarilonte recorded 28 percussion-, wind- and stringed-instruments in highest quality and finest detail. In addition, you will find authentically performed phrases as well as inspiring sound atmospheres. The instruments offer all articulations being used in the phrases. Several microtunings allow the use of every desired tuning for the instruments.

Just for the percussions, there are 1.000 loops in different tempos and rhythms aside from the playable instruments.

Ancient ERA Persia carries the sound and musical atmosphere of the Middle East from times past into the modern DAW-supported production environment. The carefully programmed user-interface of the Engine player enables a fast and easy workflow, that will set musicians in a state of pure creativity.

Ancient ERA Persia is suited for different applications and genres. The spectrum covers scoring antique compositions with authentic timbres, fantasy-games, movie soundtracks and new age songs.

The sounds of Ancient ERA Persia are truly unique and cannot be found in any other library. The excellent choice of instruments, articulations and sound atmospheres provides musicians and producers with an extensive compendium – it leaves no sound to be desired.

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