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ST Guitar for KONTAKT
Ultra realistic guitar sample library. Based on samples of the Stratocaster electric guitar. That guitar is very good and balanced sounding in mix. Due to a new script and a special technique for preparing samples, the dynamics and brightness of the sound are close to a real guitar. Great for Funk, Pop, Disco and many other genres. Can also be used for Rock and Metal.

Library includes 5 Legendary guitar tones of Fender Stratocaster. Yes, these are five different timbres and these are endless possibilities for creativity!

2300+ midi files and pattern browser with Drag and Drop function.


– Ultra Realistic Sound
– Clean Presets
– Rock/Metal Hi-Gain Preset
– 2000+ midi files
– Pattern Browser
– Articulations:Slide, Legato, Palm Muted, Harmonics, X-Notes
– Brand New 《Polyphonic Legato function
REQUIREMENTS: NI Kontakt FULL v5.8.0 or higher!
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Home Page – https://www.antonovsamples.com/alex-antonov-st-guitar