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Hype 的名字不言而喻 – 一种革命性且令人兴奋的合成器插件乐器,其功能远远超出其庞大的声音预设库。

最初专为 Akai Professionals Standalone MPC 和 Force 产品应大众需求而创建,我们很高兴能够提供 AU、VST、AAX 和桌面应用程序格式的 Hype,以供在任何主机中使用。

Hype 由与备受赞誉的 Hybrid 3、theRiser 和 Loom 2 相同的世界级团队创建,建立在 20 多年的卓越传统之上。

当今的现代音乐制作和节拍制作需要能够激发创造力的创新乐器,而 Hype 将在各个方面超出您的期望。

AIR Hype 由四个声音引擎提供动力; FM、波表、虚拟模拟和采样,经过数十年的研究和精心设计。虽然它们各自都很棒,但它们结合在一起可以创造出巨大的、富有表现力的声音,让你的工作室充满大量的、多维的声音纹理

直接潜入庞大的声音库,让自己沉浸在声音幸福的海洋中。超过 1500 种预设经过精心分类以便于浏览,您会发现一页又一页的乐器会迅速激发您的下一个制作创意。使用六个专用的宏控件和 8 个编辑转盘,专门为您的项目调整和塑造您的声音,并保存您的自定义以供以后快速访问。


AIR Hype 内置世界一流的音频效果处理,可在您快速创作时增强您的声音。从调制、失真、炒作 (EQ)、混响、延迟、压缩器、泵浦和限制器中进行选择,每个都有专门的部分来拨入任何调整。效果面板直观地显示在 AIR Hype 的每一页上,方便随时启用或绕过八种效果中的每一种。

自第 8 版以来,AIR Creative FX 集合已作为 Pro Tools® 的一部分包含在内,并被一些世界上最受尊敬的音频专业人士视为参考 FX 套件。 AIR FX 出现在过去十年的许多顶级电影、游戏和音乐项目中。每个插件都经过专业设计,易于使用,每次都能确保专业的结果。


Hype’s name speaks for itself—a revolutionary and exciting synthesizer plugin instrument with features that extend far beyond its massive sound preset library.

Created originally exclusively for Akai Professionals Standalone MPC and Force products by popular demand, we are excited to offer Hype in AU, VST, AAX and Desktop App formats for use in any host.

Created by the same world-class team as the highly acclaimed Hybrid 3, theRiser and Loom 2, Hype builds on this legacy of over 20 years of excellence.

Today’s modern music production and beat making demand innovative instruments that enable creativity, and Hype will exceed your expectations on all fronts.

AIR Hype is powered by four sound engines; FM, Wavetable, Virtual Analog and Sampled, created from decades of research and meticulous design. While they are great individually, they come together to create huge, expressive sounds, filling your studio with massive, multi-dimensional sonic textures

Dive right into the vast library of sounds and immerse yourself in an ocean of sonic bliss. With over 1500 presets carefully categorized for easy browsing, you will find page after page of instruments that will quickly inspire your next production idea. With six dedicated Macro controls and 8 Editing dials, tweak and shape your sounds specifically for your project and save your customizations for quick access later.

These breath-taking sounds will quickly spark any producer’s creativity and make music production a fluid, uninhibited process. Create music and craft your unique sonics seamlessly with a world-class synthesizer plugin.

AIR Hype has world-class audio effects processing built-in to enhance your sounds as you create quickly. Choose from Modulation, Distortion, Hype (EQ), Reverb, Delay, Compressor, Pumper and Limiter, each with a dedicated section to dial-in any adjustments. The Effects panel is intuitively displayed on every page of AIR Hype to conveniently enable or bypass each of the eight effects at any time.

The AIR Creative FX collection has been included as part of Pro Tools® since Version 8 and is considered the reference FX suite by some of the world’s most respected audio professionals. AIR FX has been featured in many of the last decade’s top film, game and music projects. Each plugin has been expertly designed with ease of use in mind and will ensure professional results each time.