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Dan 拥有来自他自己收藏的六个精心采样的贝司,多乐器演奏家,Dan 将他广受欢迎的音色和演奏风格与他对采样乐器的深入了解融为一体。 结果是一个多样化的、可随时录制的贝司集合,体现了他的标志性声音。

超过 100 个预设

如果您正在寻找对特定风格、音色或效果的快速访问,工厂预设可以满足您的要求! Dan Dean Essential Bass 附带 100 多个精心制作的预设,提供从微妙的合唱到粗糙的失真的任何内容。


为了进一步提高真实感,增加了几个表演关节。 可以使用调制轮触发每个音符的谐波,而其他发音可以通过按键开关触发以最大化可播放范围。 这包括各种范围内的幻灯片选择。


Featuring six meticulously sampled basses from his own collection, multi-instrumentalist, Dan fuses his sought after tone and playing style with his deep knowledge of sample based instruments. The result is a diverse, record-ready collection of basses that embody his signature sound.

Over 100 Presets

If you’re looking for quick access to a specific style, tone or effect the factory presets have you covered! Dan Dean Essential Bass ships with over 100 carefully crafted presets offering anything from a subtle chorus to a gnarly distortion.

Ultra Realism

To further enhance realism several performance articulations have been added. Harmonics can be triggered per-note with the mod wheel while other articulations can be triggered by key switches to maximize the playable range. This include a selection of slides over a variety of ranges.