Team R2R | 2022.11.18 | 2.13 GB

Fabric XL是来自获奖的MPC和FORCE独立/桌面平台的声音发电厂虚拟仪器-现在在您的DAW中可用!面料系列提供惊人的功能和可能性,为您所有的生产需求提供最现代的声音。繁茂的垫子,无人机和合成贝斯,808共鸣,前沿引线,丝绸罗兹,钢琴和铰接弦…喜欢什么风格…….布料可以遮盖你。



支持VST 2、AU、AAX和MPC/FORCE Standalone格式

4种世界级虚拟乐器包括:Fabric XL、Fabric、Fabric Piano和Fabric EP







Fabric XL is the sonic powerhouse virtual instrument from the award-winning MPC & FORCE Standalone/Desktop Platforms – now available in your DAW! The Fabric Collection delivers breathtaking features and possibilities delivering the most modern sounds for all your production needs. Lush Pads, Drone and Synth basses, 808 vibes, cutting edge Leads, Silky Rhodes, Pianos and articulated Strings… Whatever your style…….Fabric has you covered.

Add Thousands of Sounds to your productions
Supports VST 2, AU, AAX, and MPC/FORCE Standalone formats
4 world-class virtual instruments included: Fabric XL, Fabric, Fabric Piano, and Fabric EP
Over 3 GB of content, over 1,200 patches
Customize your performance with dual sample voice selections and deep editing
High-quality effects like delay, reverb, phaser, chorus, and more
Resizable high-resolution user interface