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当然,在我们有偏见的观点中,混响插件来自- Rob Papen -是这个星球上最好的声音之一!


正如你可能已经知道的,Dr. Jekyll和Mr. Hyde影响了我们的另一个FX插件DelSane,在这两个家伙出现在一场疯狂的战斗和….之前,这是一个时间问题(第四维度)瞧,让我们向你介绍RevSane!











It is, in our biased opinion of course, that Reverb plug-ins from – Rob Papen – are among the best-sounding ones on this planet!

As you may already know, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde influenced our other FX plugin called DelSane, and it was a matter of time (4th dimension) before these two guys would show up for an insane battle and…. Voila, let us introduce you to RevSane!

First and foremost, RevSane produces beautiful dense reverb sounds, musically perfect for any track!
But that is only one side of the story, or should I say face…

By using the ‘Disrupt Sphere’ you can control the flow of the reverb parameters and make the RevSane a dynamically fresh-sounding special FX.

The ‘Disrupt’ parameter, with its many features, allows you to think outside of the 4th dimension by using Reverb in creative ways! Dynamically changing spaces …without recording trillion parameters…by simply moving the ‘Disrupt Sphere-Slider’. Additionally, RevSane has an audio follower that includes side-chain control of the parameters, even for controlling the ‘Disrupt Sphere’ itself!

And no… RevSane is not only for the creative producers that love to experiment with the ‘Disrupt Sphere’, it is also for the one that seeks a top-notch dense-sounding Reverb for their productions!