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在加载时使用超过30个修饰符来改变任何波表的特征。例如,隔离奇数或偶数谐波,通过抗锯齿量化或饱和增加重量,或使用Vintage 8和12选项重新审视老式波表合成器的沙砾性。

13种变形类型可以让你实时拉伸、挤压、反射和改变波表,改变它们的音色,当调制时,在声音中创造额外的运动。Sync创建了经典的扫同步音色,只使用一个振荡器。三种特殊的Morph类型- fm, AM和Ring mod -用Osc 1调制Osc 2,最后两种甚至适用于样本。

A / B混合
使用独特的A/B模式,振荡器可以混合任何两个具有相位同步精度的波形——不同于简单的分层声音——打开中间波形的维度。例如,在其他“薄”波形中加入身体,或者在柔和的音色中加入一点咝咝声。甚至在同一波表的两个不同的“修饰器”版本之间淡入。当然,A/B Blend可以实时调节。


Modwave Native Wavetable Synthesizer Synthesis powerhouse with distinctive wavetable timbres, Kaoss Physics, and Motion Sequencing 2.0. The modwave, released in 2021, builds on the DW legacy and transforms it into a modern monster synth, featuring incredibly deep wavetable oscillators, gorgeous filters, wildly flexible modulation, sophisticated pattern sequencing, and macro controls to deliver unique, powerful, and easily customizable sounds and phrases.

What’s a wavetable?
Wavetables are sets of single-cycle digital waveforms, arranged in a specific order. The wavetable’s “position” determines which waveform is played. Moving the position with an envelope, LFO, or other modulation source creates subtle or dramatic changes in timbre. Some wavetable systems switch abruptly from one waveform to another; others crossfade smoothly between them. The modwave can do either one.

Use over 30 Modifiers to alter the character of any wavetable at load time. For instance, isolate the odd or even harmonics, add weight through anti-aliased quantization or saturation, or revisit the gritty character of old-school wavetable synths with the Vintage 8 & 12 options.

The 13 Morph Types let you stretch, squeeze, reflect, and otherwise alter the wavetables in real-time, changing their timbre and—when modulated—creating additional motion in the sound. Sync creates classic swept-sync timbres, using only a single oscillator. Three special Morph Types—FM, AM, and Ring Mod—modulate Osc 2 with Osc 1, and the last two even apply to samples.

A/B Blend
Using the unique A/B mode, oscillators can blend any two wavetables with phase-synchronous precision—different from simply layering voices—opening up a dimension of intermediate waveforms. Add body to otherwise “thin” waveforms, for instance, or a touch of sizzle to a mellow timbre. Even fade between two different “modifier” versions of the same wavetable. A/B Blend can be modulated in real-time, of course.

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