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八十年代鼓是一个巨大的样本库从鼓的传说,是Geoff Dugmore。它的灵感来自20世纪80年代伟大的鼓声。Geoff Dugmore是英国职业音乐家,曾为超过150张热门唱片演奏过鼓和打击乐,其中包括44张no。1张。


鼓包使用的是DW爵士系列与萨比安铙钹通过API 1608桌子Pro工具录制。API台非常适合录制鼓,因为它能发出非常有力和中前的声音。

该库有Kontakt3, EXS24, Reason和HALion采样器格式以及酸化波浪和苹果循环。

– 1900 48Khz 24位酸化WAV文件
– 1900 48Khz 24位AIFF苹果循环
– 160 Kontakt Instruments
– 160 EXS24仪器
– 160 HALion仪器
– 160 NN-XT仪器


重要:包含的Kontakt文件需要完整版本的Kontakt -版本3或更高!


Classic Breaks from the 1980s played by one of the most successful session drummers of all time!
EIGHTIES DRUMS is a massive sample library from the drum legend that is Geoff Dugmore. It takes its inspiration from the great drum tracks of the 1980s. Geoff Dugmore is British professional musician who has played drums and percussion on over 150 hit records, including 44 no.1 albums.

Over 13GB of material is arranged in two different ways. Firstly, we have the full kit loops in both dry and FX mixes. Secondly, we have given you all the separate tracks from the recording sessions, so you have complete control over how you want to use the kit. There are separate tracks for kick, snare, toms, and cymbals as well as room mics, Centre mic and each of the different effects that are used. Effects used include delays, reverbs, modulation, and compression etc.

The drumkit used is a DW Jazz series set with Sabian cymbals recorded through an API 1608 desk to Pro Tools. The API desk is ideally suited to recording drums because it gives a very punchy and mid-forward sound.

The library comes in Kontakt3, EXS24, Reason and HALion sampler formats as well as Acidized Wavs and Apple Loops.

Library Includes:
– 1900 48Khz 24bit Acidized WAV files
– 1900 48Khz 24bit AIFF Apple Loops
– 160 Kontakt Instruments
– 160 EXS24 Instruments
– 160 HALion Instruments
– 160 NN-XT Instruments

IMPORTANT: The included Kontakt Files require a FULL version of Kontakt – version 3 or later!