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Fiedler audio 以设定新标准而著称。 在开发了 Brainworx 的 bx_rooms 核心的革命性混响算法两年后,他们再次用舞台重新定义了声学增强的世界——一个使用开创性立体空间处理方法来获取好的混音和母带的插件,并使它们变得更好。

显着的立体声增强,可扩展内部 M/S 处理的潜力,同时增加感知深度、大小和纹理
输入部分,带有 M/S 混合和 L/R 倾斜等立体声校正工具,轻松快速地改变源材料的中、侧、左、右信息之间的平衡
LFO 模块具有两个 LFO,可以创建从微妙的运动到狂野的调制效果的任何东西
GUI 包含一个虚拟声场,可以直观地可视化和调整所有空间参数


Fiedler audio has a reputation for setting new standards. Two years after developing the revolutionary reverberation algorithm at the heart of Brainworx’s bx_rooms, they have once again redefined the world of acoustical enhancement with stage – a plugin that uses trailblazing stereo-spatial processing methods to take good mixes and masters, and make them great.

Versatile acoustical enhancement for a large variety of sources – from single tracks to full mixes
Remarkable stereophonic augmentation that expands the potential of internal M/S processing while increasing perceived depth, size and texture
Input section, with stereo corrective tools like M/S blend and L/R tilt, easily and quickly changes the balance between mid, side, left and right information of the source material
Pan section with two sophisticated algorithms that allow for accurate panoramic adjustment of mono and stereo sources
Ambience section that facilitates subtle or extreme stereo width enhancement, tone coloration, and creative frequency modulation effects
Perceptually optimized and source-dependent Colour module that features four intelligent filters for fine tuning the processed sound
LFO module features two LFOs that can create anything from subtle motion to wild modulation effects
GUI contains a virtual soundstage to intuitively visualize and adjust all spatial parameters
An innovative routing system that allows for the wet and dry signals to be monitored either in tandem or separately