Team V.R | 9 April 2023 | 435 MB

从混音工程师、FOH 工程师和音乐制作人到 AI 专家、软件开发人员、DJ 和音乐家——sonible 团队是高技能工程师和富有创造力的个人的不拘一格的组合。 我们将所有丰富的音频体验和以用户为导向的重点放在开发 AI 辅助音频插件、设计和实施 3D 音频系统以及构建音频硬件上——声音的所有复杂性都是我们的热情所在。



From mixing engineers, FOH engineers, and music producers to AI experts, software developers, DJs and musicians – the sonible team is an eclectic mix of highly skilled engineers and creative individuals. We put all of our vast audio experience and user-oriented focus into developing AI-assisted audio plug-ins, designing and implementing 3D audio systems and building audio hardware – sound in all its complexity is our passion.

We transform technological possibilities into tools for audio production that are characterized by their incredible sound, intuitive usability and workflow-enhancing features – in short, tools that inspire creativity.