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你从未想过的美丽! 使用 Jade Evolutions 创造无限声音可能性的世界。 在来自世界一流的中国管弦乐队和声乐团体的数百场定制表演以及定制电子音效之间变幻莫测。 通过在键盘上敲击一个音符获得即时灵感,或在几秒钟内产生尖端的完全排列的音景。 使用我们在 Kontakt 中全新的高度直观的 Evolutions Engine 自定义和构建您自己的安排和预设。

在发布翡翠民族乐团两年后,我们与联合制作人 Seth Tsui 一起回到中国北京,创建了一个虚拟乐器收藏,将不断发展的乐器演奏的界限推向了一个新的高度。 该旅程的结果是 Jade Evolutions。

Jade Evolutions 不是传统意义上的多样本、动态层和循环法样本库。 我们录制的录音是在传统民族管弦乐的每个部分以及声乐合奏中极具表现力的表演。 重点放在音乐性上,这是多样本方法无法达到的。 如果您想要即时的、尖端的声音效果,远远超出民族虚拟乐器系列所能达到的效果,Jade Evolutions 将是您的新秘密武器。

基于我们在 Syllabuilder 和 X3M 引擎方面的经验,我们开发了一个全新的引擎,使用 Native Instruments 的 Kontakt 采样器让您以直观的方式访问这些表演,同时将它们与从硬件合成器录制的自定义电子声音结合起来 现代电影声音。 Jade Evolutions 的核心是 XY Pad,它允许您在映射的乐器演奏的 4 个区域之间自由变形和混合,并在电子声源中自由分层。

每个区域都可以根据您的喜好进行定制和塑造。 使用 215 种乐器声源和 47 种电子声源来创建您自己的预设和编曲。 保存它们并标记它们以供将来制作,或使用我们的 256 个预设之一作为您自己探索未知领域的基础。

Jade Evolutions 包含 20 GB 的器乐表演。 记录了以下乐器类别:
– 弓弦合奏
– 弓弦独奏
– 弹拨弦
– 声音
– 木管乐器
– 打击乐器

– 256 个预设,包括完全充实的安排,以及即时的情绪设置音景
– 在中国北京录制的 215 场乐器表演和 47 场精心策划的电子音源
– 来自中国音乐家的精湛弓弦和弹拨弦乐、木管乐器、打击乐和声乐表演
– 全新的 Evolutions 引擎 – 根据您的喜好变形、分层和塑造每个声源!
– 21 GB 的自定义录制材料,没有重复使用来自翡翠民族管弦乐团的声音
– 为 Native Instruments Kontakt Player 开发
– 完全兼容 NKS

需要 NI Kontakt Player 或 Kontakt FULL v6.7.1 及更高版本!


Beauty you never thought possible! Create worlds of unlimited sonic possibilities with Jade Evolutions. Morph between hundreds of bespoke performances from a world-class Chinese orchestra and vocal group, as well as custom electronic sounds. Get instant inspiration by hitting one note on your keyboard, or produce cutting edge fully arranged soundscapes within seconds. Customize and build your own arrangements and presets using our brand new highly intuitive Evolutions Engine within Kontakt.

Two years after releasing Jade Ethnic Orchestra we went back to Beijing China with our Co-Producer Seth Tsui to create a virtual instruments collection which pushes the boundaries of evolving instrumental perfomances to a new high. The result of that journey is Jade Evolutions.

Jade Evolutions is no sample library in the traditional sense of multisamples, dynamic layers and round robins. The recordings we made are highly expressive performances within each section of the traditional Chinese orchestra, as well as vocal ensembles. The focus was set on musicality, which is unreachable with a multisample approach. If you want instant cutting edge sounding results which go far beyond what an ethnic virtual instruments collection can accomplish, Jade Evolutions will be your new secret weapon.

Based on our experience with our Syllabuilder and X3M engines, we developed a brand new one using Native Instruments’ Kontakt sampler to give you acess to these performances in an intuitive way, but also to combine them with custom electronic sounds recorded from Hardware Synthesizers for that modern cinematic sound. The core of Jade Evolutions is the XY Pad, which allows you to freely morph and blend between 4 zones of mapped instrumental performances and freely layer in Electronic soundsources.

Each of the zones can be customized and shaped to your liking. Use the 215 instrumental and 47 electronic soundsources to create your own presets and arrangements. Save them and tag them for future productions or use one of our 256 presets as base for your own explorations into the unknown.

Jade Evolutions consists of 20 GB of instrumental performances. The following instrumental categories were recorded:
– Bowed Strings Ensemble
– Bowed Strings Solo
– Plucked Strings
– Voices
– Woodwinds
– Percussion

– 256 Presets comprising fully fleshed out arrangements, as well as instant mood setting soundscapes
– 215 instrumental performances recorded in Beijing China and 47 curated electronic soundsources
– Virtuosic Bowed and Plucked Strings, Woodwinds, Percussion and Vocal Performances from Chinese Musicians
– Brand new Evolutions Engine – Morph, layer and shape each sound source to your liking!
– 21 GB of custom recorded material, no reused sounds from Jade Ethnic Orchestra
– Developed for Native Instruments Kontakt Player
– Fully NKS compatible

Requires NI Kontakt Player or Kontakt FULL v6.7.1 and higher!