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带着新的外观、新的放大器、新的效果器和新的机器学习技术来模拟最先进的硬件。 无限量的温暖、沙砾、嘎吱声和绒毛,以及您可能需要的所有效果。

GUITAR RIG 6 PRO 是一款多功能机架和放大器模拟器,旨在以快速、直接的方式创建和试验音频。 将其视为您自己的工作室,只是空间更大,放大器头更轻,灵活性更大。 设计独特的处理链来定制您的音色,为从吉他和贝司到弦乐、鼓、合成器等的所有乐器添加空间、温暖和个性。


Back with a new look, new amps, new effects, and new machine learning technology to model state-of-the-art hardware. Unlimited amounts of warmth, grit, crunch and fuzz, plus all the effects you could ever need.

GUITAR RIG 6 PRO is a multi-effects rack and amp simulator made for creating and experimenting with audio in a way that is fast and direct. Think of it as your own studio, only with more space, less heavy amp heads, and way more flexibility. Design unique processing chains to customise your tones, adding space, warmth and character to everything from guitar and bass, to strings, drums, synths and more.