Team R2R | 21 Jun 2023 | 598.8MB

不仅仅是一匹会 8 招的小马
Lush 2 的多层架构使您能够获得几乎无限的声音设计可能性和广泛的应用。

通过强大的内置混音器轻松将所有内容整合在一起:参数均衡器、压缩和每层 3 个发送效果!

令人惊叹的音质配有 1600 多个预设,让您轻松找到所需的内容。

漂亮的 GUI 具有不同的主题和大小,可帮助您以适合您的方式工作。

功能强大,但又实用。 一种易于调整的乐器,可帮助您在几秒钟内找到热门声音,释放其和您的最大潜力

Lush 2 不仅仅基于一台机器;它还基于一台机器。 它由许多现代虚拟合成器中可以找到的模块构建而成,并组合成一个紧凑的逻辑布局。 不要让它的外观欺骗了您:虽然它乍一看可能看起来很良性,但其模块化的多层架构使其超越了简单的多合成器,成为您武器库中极其强大、深度可编程和极其通用的乐器的顶级产品。 令人怀疑的准确声音只能通过经验来实现:花费无数时间分析经典模拟合成器,然后设计和实现 DSP 算法,密切关注信号路径中的每个组件 – 而不仅仅是近似其整体输出。 我们为您提供一款基于品质不妥协的振荡器、具有令人难以置信的自然温暖和特性的滤波器以及一流效果的合成器。 最重要的是,通过该插件提供的所有层、多层选项和路由功能 – 仅使用 Lush 2 的单个实例就可以做无穷无尽的事情


More than an 8-trick pony
Lush 2’s multilayer architecture gives you access to virtually limitless sound design possibilities and a wide spectrum of applications.

Super-convenient mixer
Bring it all together easily with a powerful built-in mixer: parametric EQ, compression and 3 send effects per layer!

The sound you’re looking for
Astonishing sound quality comes with over 1600 presets to let you easily find what you need.

Look and feel
Beautiful GUI with different themes and sizing to help you work in a way that suits you.

Get under the hood
Powerful, yet practical. An easy-to-tweak instrument that helps you find hit sounds in seconds, unleashing its and your maximum potential

Lush 2 isn’t based on just a single machine; it’s built from modules that can be found in many modern virtual synths, combined into one compact, logical layout. Don’t let its looks fool you: though it may look benign at first, its modular, multi-layer architecture takes it beyond simplistic poly-synths to the top shelf of extremely powerful, deeply programmable and devilishly versatile instruments in your arsenal. Suspiciously accurate sound is achieved only through experience: countless hours were spent analyzing classic analogue synthesizers, and then designing and implementing DSP algorithms with close attention to every component in the signal path – not just approximating its overall output. We deliver to you a synth built on oscillators of uncompromising quality, filters with an incredibly natural warmth and character, and best-in-class effects. On top of that, with all of the layers, multi-layer options, and routing capabilities the plugin offers – there’s no end to what you can do with just a single instance of Lush 2