Waves Ultimate v2023.07.10 Incl Emulator-R2R [WiN](3.94GB)插图

Team R2R | 13 Jul 2023 | 3.93GB

All 220+ Waves plugins. One easy subscription.

Create with Total Freedom: Everything Always at Your Fingertips
Let nothing stand between the sound you hear in your head—and what comes out of the speakers. With Waves Ultimate—the biggest option in our Waves Creative Access subscription—you get all the plugins you need, when you need them. Anything you want to create—you’re covered.

All of Waves’ popular vocal production plugins. All analog models, from Abbey Road to SSL. All Waves mastering plugins. All the compressors, all the EQs, all the effects, instruments, saturation plugins, artist signature plugins, channel strips, AI-powered noise reduction… simply everything. Waves Ultimate offers the most complete set of pro-quality audio plugins, anywhere.

A witch says,

* No Waves Central installation and account login is required.
* Simplified and much faster installation / uninstallation.
* Instrument libraries are not included. Check our other releases.
* Much faster and more resource friendly with our emulation technology.

Read R2R.txt before everything :)


Unlike Waves Complete, Ultimate does not contain SoundGrid, eMotion LV1, SuperRack. If you need them, use previous or wait next Complete. These apps are too professional and not included in their subscription.

StudioVerse is not included because it’s web service. Some people finally got the resason to pay the money to Waves.