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BaseHead Ultra 是一款 SFX 搜索野兽! 如果您是视频游戏或故事片的声音设计师,使用 Nuendo、REAPER 或 Pro Tools 等 DAW,并希望加快工作流程,那么这款工具就是您的最佳选择!

BaseHead 使用高性能框架以适用于 PC 和 macOS 的本机语言进行编码,而不是一些专为创建 VST 插件而设计的古怪框架。 将我们的数据网格速度与竞争对手进行比较,这将使选择 BaseHead 变得毫无疑问!

随着您公司的发展,BaseHead 也会随之扩展! 从价格较低的 Lite 版本(可以升级到具有集中许可和数据库的极其强大的 Ultra 版本……)


BaseHead Ultra is a SFX searching Beast! If you are a Sound Designer for video games or feature films using a DAW like Nuendo, REAPER or Pro Tools and want to speed up your workflow, then this is the tool for you!

BaseHead is coded in Native languages for both PC and macOS using hi-performance frameworks and NOT some wonky framework that is designed for creating VST plugins instead. Compare our datagrid speeds with the competition and that will make choosing BaseHead a complete no brainer!

BaseHead scales with your company as it grows! From lower priced Lite versions that can be upgraded to an insanely powerful Ultra version with centralized licensing and databases……….