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Waveform 是一款快速发展的应用程序,专为满足现代音乐制作人的需求而设计。 专注于创意和鼓舞人心的工作流程并避免未明确需要的功能,使应用程序保持令人惊讶的有趣和直观。

Waveform 12 为 UI 和工作流程带来了巨大的改进,包括全新的智能浏览器、额外的插件和效果、尖端的音频引擎、高级 MIDI 功能、硬件控制器支持以及整个软件的数百个更新。

用户界面欢迎可定制颜色编辑器的回归,在其视觉调色板中提供大胆的新明暗模式。 “动作”和“属性”面板已统一以回收屏幕空间,并且专用的主轨道已添加到“编配”和“混合”窗口中


现在可以对收藏夹进行标记和颜色编码,而智能列表允许预览和合并编辑和项目项目。 另外,浏览器可以用作带有实时文本输入的弹出插件选择器。

Waveform 12 包括一个全新的 BASSOSC 乐器、十五个更新的音频效果、六个方便的实用插件和一个低延迟的 Dual Guitar IR。

IR 可用于准确模拟吉他和贝斯放大器音箱,以帮助现场演奏、跟踪、混音等以及 DAW 中的内容。

MIDI 折迭选项使编辑比以往任何时候都更加容易,新的事件列表编辑器可帮助用户密切关注他们的工作。


Step Clips 现在有可能为基本模式注入活力,而 MIDI Strum 则注入即时的运动和真实感。

完全重新设计的音频引擎极大地提高了 CPU 性能,实现了一系列新的音频增强功能,包括强大的播客和对话编辑工具,例如高级条带静音。 Dialog 编辑 Keoki Trask(迪士尼/环球影城)表示

“至于消除静音功能,它很漂亮……我想它会为我节省大约 1.5 小时左右的工作室时间。” 恒星!’

为了进一步增强其功能,Waveform 12 现在包含 16 个现代 FX 插件的整个 DAW Essentials 系列。 此外,用户还将受益于与 TuneCore 和 ICON 等公司令人兴奋的新合作伙伴关系。


The most creative, inspirational and affordable digital audio workstation ever created.

Creative Tools
Waveform is a rapidly evolving application specifically designed for the needs of modern music producers. Specializing in creative and inspirational workflows and avoiding features not explicitly needed allow the app to remain surprisingly fun and intuitive.

Waveform 12 brings huge improvements to both UI and Workflow, including an entirely new Smart Browser, additional Plugins and Effects, a cutting edge Audio Engine, advanced MIDI features, Hardware Controller Support and hundreds of updates throughout the software.

The UI welcomes the return of a customizable color editor offering bold new light and dark modes in its visual palette. The Actions and Properties panel have been unified to reclaim screen space and a dedicated master track has been added to both the Arrange and Mix windows

The new Browser has been designed for speed and agility giving direct, frictionless access to Plugins, Presets, Racks, Samples, Clips, Tracks or All.

Favorites can now be Tagged and Color Coded while Smart Lists allows Edit and Project items to be previewed and consolidated. Plus, the Browser can be used as the popup plugin selector with live text entry.

Waveform 12 includes a brand new BASSOSC instrument, fifteen refreshed Audio Effects, six handy Utility Plugins and a low latency Dual Guitar IR.

The IR can be used to accurately simulate guitar and bass amplifier cabinets to aid live play, tracking, mixing and more with content from the DAW.

MIDI Fold options make editing easier than ever before and the new Event List Editor helps users to keep tabs on their work.

The Drum Grid Mode offers a drum centric alternative to the Piano Roll while deep Randomization options are on hand to humanize velocity, pitch, note start and note length.

Step Clips now have probability to breathe life into basic patterns whilst MIDI Strum injects instant movement and realism.

A completely re-worked audio engine dramatically boosts CPU performance, allowing for an array of new audio enhancements including powerful Podcast and dialogue editing tools like advanced strip silence. Dialog editor Keoki Trask (Disney/Universal Studios) said

‘As for the Remove Silence function, it’s beautiful………I think it’ll save me around 1.5 hours or so of studio time just today. Stellar!’

To further bolster its capabilities, Waveform 12 now includes the entire DAW Essentials collection of 16 contemporary FX plugins. Plus, users will benefit from exciting new partnerships with companies such as TuneCore and ICON.