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Hyperion 的声音之美被简化。 Theia 可以轻松访问强大的 Hyperion 合成器及其华丽的扩展声音库,其中包含近 600 个预设。 其以性能为中心的界面使每种声音的核心控制触手可及,让您可以轻松浏览复杂的音色设计并专注于制作音乐。 为所有流派的音乐制作人提供音乐灵感的即时来源。

Theia 的极简界面将重点放在音乐创作和表演上。 自动预分配的宏控制允许快速调整关键声音参数,同时每个补丁的自定义背景有助于激发灵感。 当您浏览精心策划和优化的声音库时,波形预览可提供视觉反馈。 感觉灵感被困住了吗? – 点击骰子按钮即可获得随机补丁!

使用浏览器可以轻松地在包含 587 个工厂预设的庞大库中找到完美的声音,该浏览器允许您按乐器类型、性能或情感进行过滤,然后按作者、类型、名称等进一步排序结果。 只需单击按钮即可设置收藏夹,并在以后轻松调用。

预设内容是由一层或多层丰富的声音构建的,这些层可以通过声音层编辑器访问和修改。 每一层都可以通过 MIDI 通道选择、移调、按键响应区域、弯音范围、声音分配和琶音设置进行独立调整。


The Sonic Beauty of Hyperion Simplified. Theia provides easy access to the mighty Hyperion synth and its gorgeous expansive sound library with close to 600 presets. Its performance focused interface places the core controls of each sound within easy reach, allowing you to effortlessly browse complex patch designs and focus on making music. An instant source of musical inspiration for music producers of all genres.

User Interface
Theia’s minimalist interface puts the focus squarely on music creation and performance. Automatable pre-assigned macro controls allow for rapid adjustments to key sonic parameters while per-patch custom backgrounds aid inspiration. A waveform preview is on hand to provide visual feedback as you navigate through the carefully curated and optimized library of sounds. Feeling stuck for inspiration? – hit the dice button for a random patch!

The Browser
Finding the perfect sound in a vast library of 587 factory presets is easy using the browser which allows you to filter by instrument type, performance or emotion and then further order results by author, type, name and more. Favorites can be set with the click of a button and recalled later just as easily.

Sound Layers Editor
Preset content is built from one or more layers of lush sounds, and these layers can be accessed and modified via the Sound Layers Editor. Each layer can be adjusted independently with MIDI channel selection, transpose, key response zones, pitch bend-ranges, voice allocation and arpeggiation settings.