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关于 Neurontape 1972 | Neurontape 1972 为您带来了这款设备的精彩模拟,如今很难找到状态良好的设备。 我们从一个多年来几乎未曾触及的单元中捕捉到了它。 前置放大器的声音厚重、温暖,如果过载,会使电路严重饱和。 这台机器是日本制造的,已有50年左右的历史了。 听起来棒极了。

从混合总线到并行失真,Neurontape 1972 是那些想要使音轨饱和、将混音与自然模拟信号压缩甚至模拟失真粘合在一起的人的必备插件。


Windows 7 或更高版本


about neurontape 1972 | Neurontape 1972 brings to you a fantastic simulation of this piece of equipment that is a bit hard to find in good shape these days. We captured it from a unit that remain mostly untouched for its years. The preamp sound is thick, warm and will wildly saturate the circuit if overloaded. This unit is Japanese made, about 50 years old. It sounds awesome.

mix applications
From mix-bus to parallel distortion, Neurontape 1972 is a must have plugin for those who want to saturate tracks, glue the mix together with natural analog signal compression or even analog distort.
Experiment with different input/output levels to get to know what the circuit is really capable of.

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System Requirements
Windows 7 or higher