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FeelYourSound 发布了 MIDI 演奏和歌曲创作解决方案 MelodicFlow 2.0 版本。 该软件可作为适用于 Windows 和 macOS 的 VST2、VST3 和 MIDI-AU 插件。

“对于音乐制作人来说,掌握每个音阶并不是目标;而是目标。” 创作完美的旋律是。

MelodicFlow 可以帮助您实现这一目标。 使用 MelodicFlow 快速创建和演奏令人惊叹的旋律、低音线和连复段。 你永远不会发出声音,因为你的所有输入都会立即映射到正确的音符。”

MelodicFlow 从其他 MIDI 数据(输入)生成新的 MIDI 数据(输出)。 有超过 300 个音阶可供选择,您可以轻松尝试不同的音阶和情绪,以创造独特的旋律。

MelodicFlow v2.0 的变化
5 种操作模式,而不是一种
Scale Bender:弹奏任何音阶,不会意外击中错误的音符。 选择一个音阶,然后照常在键盘上弹奏。
White Keys Jam:演奏任何音阶,无需记住正确的音符。 只需弹奏键盘的白键即可(中间 C = 根音)。
情绪板:无需思考即可在不同情绪(快乐、悲伤……)之间切换。 用黑键加载一些情绪音符,然后在白键上弹奏它们。
钢琴演奏家:另一种情绪模式。 在两个连接的触发器之间交替以模拟演奏风格。
高级:此模式的工作方式与原始 MelodicFlow 1 插件相同。
8 个独立页面可在不同模式和设置之间切换。 使用键盘的最低音符来更改当前活动页面。
内置 MIDI 录音机,支持拖放。 在 DAW 中按下播放按钮,MelodicFlow 将自动录制您的数据。 停止您的 DAW 以停止录音,然后将旋律拖动到您的 DAW。
UI 缩放从 50% 到 200%。
格式:VST2、VST3、AU MIDI FX(仅适用于 Logic Pro)。
VST 版本:内置预览乐器。


FeelYourSound has released version 2.0 of the MIDI performance and songwriting solution MelodicFlow. The software is available as a VST2, VST3, and MIDI-AU plug-in for Windows and macOS.

“For music producers, mastering every scale isn’t the goal; crafting perfect melodies is.

MelodicFlow can help you achieve just that. Use MelodicFlow to create and play stunning melodies, basslines, and riffs quickly. You will never sound off, as all your input is mapped to the right notes instantly.”

MelodicFlow generates new MIDI data (output) from other MIDI data (input). With a wide selection of over 300 scales to choose from, you can easily experiment with different scales and emotions to create unique melodies.

Changes in MelodicFlow v2.0
5 operation modes instead of one
Scale Bender: Play any scale without hitting the wrong notes by accident. Pick a scale, then play on the keyboard as usual.
White Keys Jam: Play any scale without having to remember the correct notes. Simply play on the white keys of your keyboard instead (middle C = root).
Mood Board: Switch between different moods (happy, sad,…) without having to think about it. Load some mood notes with the black keys, then play them on the white keys.
Piano Player: Another mood mode. Alternate between two connected triggers to simulate a playing style.
Advanced: This mode works the same way as the original MelodicFlow 1 plug-in.
8 independent pages to switch between different modes and settings. Use the lowest notes of your keyboard to change the currently active page.
Built-in MIDI recorder with drag-and-drop support. Press play in your DAW and MelodicFlow will record your data automatically. Stop your DAW to stop the recording, then drag the melody to your DAW.
UI scaling from 50% to 200%.
Parameter automation.
Formats: VST2, VST3, AU MIDI FX (only for Logic Pro).
VST versions: Built-in preview instruments.