Team R2R | 2023.11.20 | 58.3 MB

Acustica surprises its family of users with an Halloween gift to say thanks for their loyalty and support! Please give a warm welcome to Fire The Pump. Fire The Pump is the latest FREE Acqua plugin (VST/VST3/AAX/AU) in the Fire series. It’s a powerful one-knob saturation product designed for a rapid-fire mixing workflow, and the first one based on our Hyper saturation technology.

This intuitive tool can give the audio source a gentle analog character, or you can choose to push the signal with aggressive distortion, delivering extreme overdrive. From a tinge of warmth to pure screaming fire and brimstone, this plugin can do it all — make sure to use it with care!

Fire The Pump is the perfect choice for those who seek an easy-to-use saturator with a distinctive sound, low CPU consumption, and an analog feel above all. It’s designed to fit anywhere in your mix, and is also suited for master bus applications.

To put it simply, if you’re looking for a convincing, authentic saturator for any style of music, you can’t go wrong with Fire The Pump.