Team R2R | 22 Nov 2023 | 721.8MB

Pink 4 基于 20 世纪 60 年代末的一系列美国著名工作室装备,至今仍被世界各地的职业工程师广泛使用。 它拥有 6 种不同的 EQ 模型、超灵活的动态部分(包括单频段和多频段压缩器)以及完整的前置放大器仿真集合(16 个线路电平通道和 9 个额外的自定义前置放大器)。

粉色4 1650独立均衡器
Pink 4 1650 是通道条中 EQ 部分的独立版本,它包含一些额外的功能。

该模块包含每个频段 5 个可选均衡器模型(A、B、C、D 和 E),比通道条版本多了 2 个模型。

粉色 4 780 图形均衡器
这款令人印象深刻的 10 频段图形均衡器基于 1967 年的真正经典。

该均衡器可提供坚实、有力的音色,并拥有精确的过滤作用以及大量的动态余量。 我们的插件最初设计为 20 世纪 60 年代和 70 年代混音控制台的一个组成部分,源自其“午餐盒”格式对应版本的成功重新发行。

该模块是拼接许多广受欢迎的硬件前置放大器单元的声音 DNA 的结果。 它模拟相应电路的相位、频率响应和谐波失真变化。 将它们堆迭在您的轨道上,体验所有最佳模拟录音所特有的明确无误的模拟求和效果。

粉色4 2412压缩机
Pink 2412 源自 Pink 的通道条,但经过重新设计和升级,引入了类似处理器中很少见的功能。

2412 的默认模式是“insane”模式,该模式可提高压缩机响应的准确性和速度。

Pink4 7236 多频段压缩器
7236 是一款直观的多频段压缩器,设计极其高效且易于使用。 它包括 3 个可选择的分频器、膝点选择和丰富多彩的前置放大器,所有这些都可以让您完全控制歌曲的动态。

Pink 4 也可用作 Modula 的通道条。


Pink 4 is based on a collection of well-known American studio gear from the late 1960s that is still commonly used by pro engineers all around the world. It boasts 6 different EQ models, a super-flexible dynamic section that includes both a single band and a multiband compressor, plus a complete collection of preamp emulations (16 line-level channels and 9 extra custom preamps).

Pink 4 1650 Standalone Equalizer
Pink 4 1650 is the standalone version of the EQ section found in the channel strip, and it includes a few extra features.

This module consists of 5 selectable equalizer models for each band (A, B, C, D and E), which is 2 more models than the channel strip version.

Pink 4 780 Graphic Equalizer
This impressive 10-band graphic equalizer is based on a true classic from 1967.

This equalizer delivers a solid, punchy tone and boasts precise filtering action as well as massive amounts of headroom. Originally designed as an integral part of the mixing consoles of the 1960s and 70s, our plugin is derived from the successful reissue of its “lunchbox” format counterpart.

Pink 4 215 Preamplifier Module
This module is the result of splicing the sonic DNA of a number of sought-after hardware preamp units. It emulates the phase, frequency response, and harmonic distortion variations of their corresponding circuits. Stack them across your tracks to experience that unmistakable analog summing effect that characterizes all the best analog recordings.

Pink 4 2412 Compressor
Pink 2412 was derived from Pink’s channel strip, but it has been redesigned and upgraded by introducing features that you’ll rarely find in similar processors.

The default mode for the 2412 is the “insane” mode, which increases both the accuracy and speed of the compressor’s response.

Pink4 7236 Multiband Compressor
The 7236 is an intuitive multiband compressor designed to be both extremely effective and easy to use. It includes 3 selectable crossovers, a knee selection, and a colorful preamp, all of which gives you total control over the dynamics of your song.

Modula Ready
Pink 4 is also available as a channel strip for Modula.