josenacha | 13/12/2023 | 690 MB

CP-70 向传奇的雅马哈电声钢琴致敬,它为 70 年代和 80 年代注入了丰富、温暖和卓越的舞台声音。 通过这款完美再现的标志性乐器,将详细的采样与真实的建模相结合,穿透密集的混音或将您的演奏风格投射给观众。

CP-70 是 20 年仿真专业知识的顶峰,体现了电声传奇的亲密和活力。 通过 8 个动态采样层和高级功能,为您的混音添加钢琴打击乐,以实现个性化的舞台表现。

从键盘手到制作人,从舞台到录音室,这位多才多艺的大师无论您需要什么,都能为您带来顶级的 70 年代和 80 年代美学。

将堪称典范的娱乐与先进的效果相融合,在每一个混音中以华丽、深情的和弦、温柔的调性独奏和迷人的滑奏流来宣告自己。 通过音色和低音调整、失谐效果、包络参数、复古合唱、双放大器效果等为您的果酱增添活力。


Expressive Electric Legend
CP-70 honors the legendary Yamaha electro-acoustic piano that infused the 70’s and 80’s with a rich, warm and eminent stage sound. Combining detailed sampling with authentic modeling, cut through a dense mix or project your play-style to an audience with this perfectly recreated, iconic instrument.

Awaken the stage spirit
The apogee of 20 years of emulation expertise, the CP-70 embodies the intimacy and vigor of an electro-acoustic legend. Add piano-punch to your mix with 8 dynamic layers of sampling and advanced features for a personalized stage presence.

Delicacy with drive
From keyboardist to producer, from stage to studio, this versatile great brings you a chart-topping 70’s & 80’s aesthetic, wherever you need it.

Fusing an exemplary recreation with advanced FX, announce yourself in every mix with gorgeous, soulful chords, tender keyed solos and charming glissando flows. Add juice to your jam with timbre and bass adjustment, detune effects, envelope parameters, vintage chorus, twin amp fx, and more.