josenacha | 13/12/2023 | 2.9 GB

增强型木管乐器将动态采样乐器与最先进的合成技术结合在直观且令人惊叹的界面中,提供丰富、尖锐和重新定义的木管声音范围 – 根据您的心情变化,从黑暗和变性到明亮和优雅。

声学精度和数字驱动之间的舞蹈。 体验声音的变形,将原始的木管能量转化为管弦乐的梦幻景观、幸福的颤动和史诗般的声音纹理。


Augmented WOODWINDS 围绕精简的界面构建,旨在帮助您在尽可能短的时间内达到您脑海中的声音。 利用预设库和直观的快速控制来获得可靠的合成体验。


Augmented WOODWINDS 的直观界面和多样化的预设库可在您需要时快速提供结果 – 但只需单击一下即可进行进一步的声音自定义。 高级面板可带您深入了解乐器的内部工作原理,让您可以对声源、调制、性能等进行详细控制。


Acoustic instruments reinvented
Augmented WOODWINDS unites dynamically sampled instruments with state-of-the-art synthesis in an intuitive and breathtaking interface, delivering a rich, reedy and redefined range of woodwind sounds – morph to your mood, from dark and denatured to bright and elegant.

Flutes, reeds and beyond
A dance between acoustic precision and digital drive. Experience sonic metamorphosis and turn raw woodwind energy into orchestral dreamscapes, blissful flutters and epic sonic textures.

Simple and intuitive
In a few clicks, take an animated solo clarinet and render it anew with intricate, infinitely expressive sonic detailing.

Augmented WOODWINDS is built around a streamlined interface, designed to help you reach the sound in your mind’s eye, in as little time as possible. Utilize the preset library and intuitive quick-fire controls for a dependable composition experience.

Advanced sound design
For a bespoke, breathtaking sound that has your name on it, access the advanced panel to rearrange, modulate, and arpeggiate your hybrid ensemble.

Augmented WOODWINDS’ intuitive interface and diverse preset library brings quick results when you need them – but further sound customisation is just a click away. The Advanced panel takes you deep into the inner workings of the instrument, giving you detailed control over your sound sources, modulation, performance, and beyond.