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地球上最知名的单体合成器,转世。 Mini V 捕捉到了乐器的魔力,将标志性的主音和低音声音交到音乐家手中。 通过下一代建模赋予生命,以甜美的细节和动态驱动为任何曲目添加引人注目的合成声音。

DNA 保存,声音点燃
Mini 的完整而著名的声音永恒且具有标志性,继续在音乐文化中留下印记。

通过 True Analog Emulation® 实现的强大主音和低音合成器,再现了老式模拟电路令人惊叹的特征。 Mini V 提供非凡的音乐体验 – 延续其传统并扩展其功能。

探索 Mini V 强大而多样的声音。

贝司和主音合成的参考,以其传奇的模拟祖先而闻名。 Mini V 的声音在细节和驱动力方面超越一切。


The most recognizable monosynth on the planet, reincarnated. Mini V captures the magic of the instrument that put iconic lead and bass sounds into the hands of musicians. Brought to life with next generation modeling, add compelling synth sounds to any track with luscious detail and dynamic drive.

DNA preserved,sound set alight
Timeless and iconic, the full and famed sound of the Mini continues to leave a mark on music culture.

A potent lead and bass synth actualised with True Analog Emulation®, that recreates the awe-inspiring character of vintage analog circuits. Mini V offers a remarkable musical experience – continuing its legacy and expanding its capabilities.

Don’t justtake our word
Explore the powerful and diverse sounds of Mini V.

A reference for bass and lead synthesis, after its legendary analog ancestor. Mini V’s sound goes above and beyond in terms of detail and drive.

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