[Jaycen混音大师班] MixWithTheMasters JAYCEN JOSHUA Yea Yea, Lieb Im Bauch, Comerte Entera Lady London, Peter Fox, C. Tangana Tutorial插图

AUDIOZ | DEC 2023 | 4GB

Explore the beating heart of almost every great record: the rhythm section. The multi-platinum mixer reveals his advanced techniques for mixing drums and bass across various genres, from hip hop to acoustic folk. Master the dark art of distortion, transient shaping and harmonic equalization, and learn cheat codes to achieve great sounding mixes in record time.

Filmed at Rue Boyer Studios, this series will transport you into the room for one of Jaycen’s legendary Masterclass events. Perhaps his most detailed series yet, he will take you on a 360° tour of his latest ProTools template. Hand-built like a boutique console, it provides the signature energy and excitement that define his sound. Jaycen fully deconstructs his workflow and explains every plugin and FX send. He even breaks down his meticulous approach to gain staging, a discipline that he has mastered after years of trial and error.

Moving on to the mixing stage, he launches into the rhythm sections of three contrasting tracks. He demonstrates how his template reacts to different styles, and he discusses how he adapts his approach to pay respect to their respective musical traditions.

Jaycen then goes on to supercharge each song with both heavy-hitting low end and high-energy transients. This is achieved using a multitude of modern saturation plugins like Blackbox and Spectre, as well as intelligent multi-band processors like Soothe and Spiff. You will also learn his techniques for creating front-to-back depth using early reflections engines like TrueVerb — his secret weapon when working with dense arrangements.

The final stage in Jaycen’s bulletproof workflow is pre-mastering. An unconventional practice that lies beyond the realm of mixing, he engages specialist tools like StandardCLIP and The God Particle to unlock hidden headroom in the final stages of any mix. This extra gain gives him a game changing advantage, allowing him to push his transients and low end to new limits.