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受到文艺复兴时期维奥拉·达甘巴永恒优雅的启发,VIOLONAIR 成为一款非凡的新乐器,突破界限并创造无与伦比的体验。


通过我们专为 VIOLONAIR 制作的新脚本“Dynamic Tuning”探索真正艺术的精髓。 体验每个音符与微妙不同的调音产生共鸣的魔力,创造出不断变化的有机声音。 让自己沉浸在逼真的现实主义中,模仿现场音乐家的轻微波动。

通过 VIOLONAIR 广泛的发音方式潜入音乐表达的世界。 通过三种和声模式和许多可编辑的特效,释放您的创造力并探索新的声音维度。


使用 VIOLONAIR 直观的控件轻松掌控您的作品。

使用调制轮或按键开关在实时发音之间无缝切换。 体验每个音符五个动态和多个循环的灵活性,提供巨大的动态范围。


使用波形编辑器功能制作您的标志性声音。 定制 VIOLONAIR 的声音调色板以适应您独特的艺术视野。 使用内存库来存储您的编辑。


以最高的保真度捕捉 VIOLONAIR 的精髓是我们的首要任务。 通过我们的 Krystalos 高分辨率技术,我们以令人惊叹的细节记录了每一个细微差别。




Inspired by the timeless elegance of the Renaissance-era viola da gamba, VIOLONAIR emerges as a remarkable new instrument that pushes boundaries and creates an unrivaled experience.

Unlock the Potential of Dynamic Tuning

Discover the essence of true artistry with our new script, “Dynamic Tuning,” crafted solely for VIOLONAIR. Experience the magic as each note resonates with subtly different tuning, creating an ever-evolving and organic sound. Immerse yourself in the lifelike realism that emulates the slight fluctuations of a live musician.

Dive into a world of musical expression with VIOLONAIR’s extensive range of articulations. With three modes of harmonics and many editable special effects, unleash your creativity and explore new sonic dimensions.

Seamless Control at Your Fingertips

Take command of your compositions effortlessly with VIOLONAIR’s intuitive controls.

Seamlessly switch between articulations in real-time using the mod wheel or key switches. Experience the flexibility of five dynamics per note and multiple round robins, delivering a colossal dynamic range.

Customize Your Sound with Ease

Craft your signature sound with the wave editor feature. Tailor the VIOLONAIR’s sonic palette to suit your unique artistic vision. With memory banks to store your edits.

Uncompromising Sound Quality

Capturing the essence of VIOLONAIR with utmost fidelity is our priority. Through our Krystalos Hi-resolution technology, we’ve recorded every nuance in stunning detail.

Our modified, linear power supply-driven computer, equipped with state-of-the-art vintage and modern tube preamplifiers, faithfully reproduces the instrument’s natural and musical essence.

Unleash the Majestic Power of a Modern Renaissance.