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作为地下标志的继承者,ANA 2 软件合成器已经成为全球声音设计师和制作人的最爱。

在灵活的视网膜就绪界面中发现一系列创造性工具,并使用四个智能链接的宏控件调整超过 500 个预设。通过艺术家和专家提供的 5 小时免费教程掌握真正的合成庞然大物,展示了无数的声音可能性 ANA 2 虚拟软件合成器的。

使用我们的 ANA 2.5 虚拟软件合成器有哪些好处?
ANA 2.5 不仅仅是另一个 VST 合成器;它也是一个 VST 合成器。 它是一个功能强大的虚拟软件合成器。 有了这个软合成器,您可以获得经典虚拟模拟合成器的所有酷炫声音,而无需使用老式设备。 无论您是新手还是经验丰富的专业人士,它都易于使用。 作为一个合成器程序,它充满了杀手级预设,可以让您继续使用,并被官方认为是最好的合成器 VST 之一,被许多伟大的艺术家和制作人使用。 想要在不花太多钱或花太多脑力的情况下铺设一些轨道吗? ANA 2.5 是您通往大型录音室声音的门票。

ANA 2.5 虚拟合成器功能
ANA 2.5 虚拟合成器 VST 是一款功能丰富的软件合成器,以其多功能性而脱颖而出。 它拥有广泛的工具和功能,可以满足任何生产者的需求


扩展了当前 DAW 的限制。







Windows:Windows 7 或更高版本


The successor to an underground icon, ANA 2 software synthesizer is already a firm favourite of sound designers and producers worldwide.

Uncover an array of inventive tools within a flexible, retina-ready interface, and tweak over 500 presets using four intelligently linked macro controls.. Master a true behemoth of synthesis with 5 Hours of free tutorials from artists and experts that showcase the countless sonic possibilities of the ANA 2 virtual software synthesizer.

What are the benefits of using our ANA 2.5 Virtual Software Synthesizer?
ANA 2.5 isn’t just another VST synth; it’s the virtual software synthesizer that packs a punch. With this soft synth, you get all the cool sounds of a classic virtual analog synth without the hassle of old-school gear. It’s easy to use, whether you’re just starting out or are a seasoned pro. As a synth program, it’s crammed with killer presets to get you going and officially has a rep for being one of the best synth VSTs out there being used by many HUGE artists and producers. Want to lay down some tracks without breaking the bank or your brain? ANA 2.5 is your ticket to that big studio sound.

ANA 2.5 Virtual Synth Features
The ANA 2.5 virtual synth VST is a feature-rich software synthesizer that stands out for its versatility. It boasts a wide array of tools and functions that cater to any producer’s needs

Subtractive Software Synthesizer
Delivers classic synth sounds with a modern twist, allowing for a rich palette of tones from the past and present.

Integrated Synth Plugin
Expands the limitations of your current DAW.

Comprehensive Library
Comes with an extensive collection of presets and wavetables, making it a powerhouse for any genre.

User-Friendly Interface
Designed with a straightforward layout, making it accessible for beginners while offering advanced features for seasoned users.

Flexible Modulation
Features a robust modulation system for crafting dynamic sounds and textures.

High-Quality Filters
Includes a variety of filter types for shaping your sound to perfection.

This software synthesizer provides an all-in-one platform for creating, experimenting, and producing music with top-tier audio quality and ease of use.

Whats new in this version
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System Requirements
Windows: Windows 7 or higher