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由 Pianobook 艺术家 Fred Poirier 撰写和创作
Fred Poirier 的 Afterglow 是一个电吉他样本库,捕捉传奇吉他的复古音色。 该库包含 100 多个标志性吉他声音样本,从灼热的主音到丰富的环境音垫。 Afterglow 非常适合各种流派的制作人,从摇滚和流行音乐到 R&B 和嘻哈音乐。


捕获了八种不同的发音,从非常短的静音音符到不断变化的 30 秒表演。
通过 D.I. 录制 为了捕捉吉他的纯音,样本通过位于法国图尔的 Tempo Loco Studios 的两个经典电子管放大器和一系列漂亮的麦克风重新放大,以获得即时且昂贵的声音。

Afterglow 还具有 15 种根据原始录音的处理样本创建的自定义纹理。


Mac 系统要求
~ Mac OS X 10.15 至 OS 12
~ 最低 Intel 四核 i5
~ 4 GB RAM 或更高
~ 不支持 32 位 DAW

~ Windows 10
~ 最低四核 CPU
~ 4 GB RAM 或更高
~ 不支持 32 位 DAW

~ 8.6 GB 下载大小

~ Kontakt Player 6.7 或更高版本


Written and created by Pianobook Artist – Fred Poirier
Fred Poirier’s Afterglow is an electric guitar sample library that captures the vintage tones of legendary guitars. The library includes over 100 samples of iconic guitar sounds, from searing leads to lush ambient pads. Afterglow is perfect for producers working in a range of genres, from rock and pop to R&B and hip-hop.

Eight different articulations were captured, from very short muted notes to evolving 30 second performances.
Recorded through a D.I. box to capture the pure tone of the guitar, samples were re-amped through two classic tube amplifiers with a nice array of microphones at Tempo Loco Studios in Tours, France, for an immediate and expensive sound.

Afterglow also features 15 custom textures created from processed samples of the original recordings.

Tech specs

Mac system requirements
~ Mac OS X 10.15 to OS 12
~ Minimum Intel Quad Core i5
~ 4 GB RAM or higher
~ 32 bit DAWs not supported

PC system requirements
~ Windows 10
~ Minimum Quad Core CPU
~ 4 GB RAM or higher
~ 32 bit DAWs not supported

File size
~ 8.6 GB download size

Kontakt player
~ Kontakt Player 6.7 or higher