Extended Sounds | Ableton

Team FLARE | 06 February 2022 | 1.53 GB

Extended Sounds 让您深入了解 Modeselektor 的创意和艺术世界。这个包从他们的经典工作室设备库中采样了大量的合成器和鼓机,并用可播放的预设将它们包裹在狂野的效果中。

以与他们 2021 年专辑 Extended 相同的精神创建,Extended Sounds Pack 让您可以访问许多经典和独特的声音,这些声音使 Gernot Bronsert 和 Sebastian Szary 的 Modeselektor 项目在电子音乐的前沿保持了近二十年。无论您是在制作令人震撼的 Boom-bap、坚韧的 techno、经过调整的故障,还是像 Modeselektor 本身一样 – 任何东西,Extended Sounds 都提供了一个广泛的手工乐器、鼓组、MIDI 剪辑、效果架的构造套件和预设以纳入您的项目。

Live 11 Intro(11.0 或更高版本)


Extended Sounds offers a deep dive into the creative and artistic world of Modeselektor. This Pack samples a huge variety of synths and drum machines from their arsenal of classic studio gear and wraps them up in wild effects with eminently-playable presets.

Created with the same ethos as their 2021 album Extended, the Extended Sounds Pack gives you access to many of the classic and distinctive sounds that have kept Gernot Bronsert and Sebastian Szary’s Modeselektor project at the forefront of electronic music for almost two decades. Whether you’re making speaker-rattling boom-bap, gritty techno, tweaked-out glitch, or – like Modeselektor themselves – a bit of everything, Extended Sounds delivers an extensive construction kit of handcrafted instruments, drum kits, MIDI clips, Effect Racks and presets to incorporate into your projects.

Live 11 Intro (version 11.0 or higher)