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ALP | 1.1GB | v2.0

Drum Booth 包含精心挑选的声学套件样本,这些样本在狭窄干燥的房间中录制。 Drum Booth 既可以单独使用,也可以作为电子鼓的增强器,还提供了标准声学库中没有的一系列独特的实验录音。

Drum Booth 中的声音以非常干涩的声音录制,以提供最灵活的后期处理选项。这个包包括 64-pad 多重采样套件以及 16-pad one-shot 套件。如果您需要真实鼓手的表现力,请选择多重采样套件,或加载单发套件以创建在电子流派和更传统乐器流派中同样适用的强硬、直截了当的律动。


使用一次性样品的 20 个套件和 16 个打击垫
3 个带有 32 个打击垫的套件,使用多重采样鼓点
3 个带有 64 个打击垫的套件,使用多重采样鼓点,专为手指击鼓而设计
2 个手指军鼓套件,使用 64 个一次性采样;这些是在关闭圈套的情况下录制并用手指弹奏的,每个样本代表皮肤上的不同区域
103 个多重采样 Drum Hits,可用于创建自己的架子鼓
Stephan Rühl 提供的样品

Live 11 套件(11.0 或更高版本)


Drum Booth contains carefully curated samples of acoustic kits recorded in a tight, dry room. Perfect on their own or as reinforcement for electronic drums, Drum Booth also offers a selection of unique experimental recordings not heard in standard acoustic libraries.

Hi-end acoustics
The sounds in Drum Booth were recorded with a very dry sound, to allow for most flexible post processing options. This Pack includes 64-pad multisampled kits as well as 16-pad one-shot kits. Choose a multisampled kit if you need the expression of a real drummer, or load a single shot kit to create hard-hitting, straight-forward grooves that are equally at home in both electronic genres, as well as those with more traditional instrumentation.

The acoustic effect sounds go far beyond what you might expect from an acoustic drum kit, adding another dimension that lives somewhere between acoustic and electronic and giving you a wealth of sound design possibilities.

Pack contents
20 Kits with 16 Pads using one-shot samples
3 Kits with 32 Pads using multisampled drum hits
3 Kits with 64 Pads using multisampled drum hits, laid out for finger drumming
2 Finger Snare Kits using 64 one-shot samples; these were recorded with the snares off and played by finger, each sample representing a different region on the skin
103 multisampled Drum Hits you can use to create your own drum kits
Samples provided by Stephan Rühl

Live 11 Suite (version 11.0 or higher)