Aurora DSP announces Rhino Massive Guitar Plugin pre-order

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7 个部分 – 创建自己的声音,而不是模拟

输入 – 门、增益旋钮和高通滤波器。

前置放大器 – 4 种不同型号的驱动器、大范围和 4 个附加开关,可动态改变前置放大器的特性。

音调堆栈 – 4 段均衡器根据所选前置放大器动态变化,具有可调频率、Q 和增益以及可定制的滤波器类型和 3 种预设音调匹配。

FX – 双部分,分为调制(合唱/移相器等)和时间(混响、延迟、回声)子部分。

功率放大器 – 用于添加特征的共振和临场感旋钮以及用于进一步饱和信号的热旋钮。

IR – 一次加载多达 4 个脉冲响应文件并实时混合它们,直到找到完美的音色平衡。

输出 – 一个最大化器、一个混音旋钮和一个推子。


Aurora IR – 专门为 Rhino 准备的自定义脉冲响应的内置库存包。

Rhino 旋钮 – 一组包含在单个参数中的协作功能 – Rhino。它增加了个性,推动了音调 – 它使您的声音完全融入混音,而不会破坏动态或堵塞频谱。

紧凑的用户界面 – 以方便和清晰为目标而设计。

高级控制 – 每个部分都可以扩展,提供额外的选项。

跨平台预设 – 在 Window、macOS、iPad 和 iPhone 之间交换预设。

暗模式 – 明暗模式以及随所选前置放大器动态变化的颜色主题。


Cross the borders of guitar sound. A compact yet advanced guitar plugin. From a delicate, clean tone to the heaviest wall of sound filling the whole mix.

We’re advancing a proven formula, focusing on a design that enables you to achieve a wide spectrum of sound in a single plugin.

Control every aspect of the signal from the main view and dial in each parameter with expanding sections.

7 Sections – create your own sound, not a simulation

Input – a gate, a gain knob, and a high-pass filter.

Preamp – 4 different models of drive, a big range and 4 additional switches dynamically changing the character of the preamp.

Tone stack – 4-band equalizer dynamically changing according to the chosen preamplifier with adjustable frequency, Q and gain as well as customizable filter types and 3-preset tone matching.

FX – a double section divided into modulation (chorus/phaser etc.) and time (reverbs, delays, echoes) subsections.

Power Amp – Resonance and Presence knobs for adding character as well as a Hot knob for saturating the signal even further.

IR – load up to 4 impulse response files at once and mix them in real time until you find the perfect balance for your tone.

Output – A maximizer, a mix knob and a fader.


Aurora IRs – A built-in stock pack of custom impulse responses prepared especially for Rhino.

The Rhino Knob – a set of co-operating functions enclosed within a single parameter – Rhino. It adds character, pushes the tone through – it fits your sound right into the mix without crushing the dynamics or clogging the spectrum.

Compact UI – designed with the goal of convenience and clarity.

Advanced control – each section can be expanded, unveiling extra options.

Cross-platform presets – exchange presets between Window, macOS, iPad and iPhone.

Dark Mode – light and dark mode and a color theme dynamically changing with the chosen preamp.

What’s New
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