P2P | 6 June 2022 | 2.37 GB

LIMINAL: Reeds 是一个记录了单簧管、双簧管、英国圆号和巴松管样本的库,可使用最新的完整版 Kontakt 6 播放。该库的发音富有表现力且不断发展,表演者将个性和动作赋予每个样本。这些乐器被紧密而干燥地记录下来,强调每个乐器及其演奏者的细微差别的声音特征——在录音中捕捉到演奏者的按键声、簧片吱吱声和呼吸声。该库非常适合在您的乐谱中添加不可预测性和创造性缺陷。 LIMINAL 范围不适用于快速通道或飙升的旋律。相反,您可能会将这些库视为自然主义垫的集合 – 提供从合成来源派生的东西中找不到的管弦乐细节。它们非常适合强调、音景等等。
用户界面允许对发音进行分层、混合和反转。可以启用 LFO 控制,让您的 DAW 的速度决定单个层音量的调制。这为节奏同步的膨胀打开了大门,并为进化纹理释放了更多创造性的可能性。

• 为最新的完整版 Kontakt 6 制作(不适用于 Kontakt Player)
• VST3、VST2、AU 和 AAX 兼容主机
• 2.24 GB 样本(2.1 GB 下载大小)
• 6 个核心关节
• 数十种预设


Rich & Expressive Orchestral Reed Textures
LIMINAL: Reeds is a library of intimately recorded Clarinet, Oboe, English Horn and Bassoon samples, playable using the latest full version of Kontakt 6. The library’s articulations are expressive and evolving, with the performer imparting character and movement into each sample. The instruments are recorded closely and dry, emphasizing the nuanced sonic characteristics of each instrument and its performer – the claps of the keys, reed squeaks and breaths of the performer are captured in the recordings. The library is well-suited to add unpredictability and creative imperfection into your score. The LIMINAL range is not intended for fast passages or soaring melodies. Instead, you may see the libraries as collections of naturalistic pads – offering orchestral details not found in something derived from a synthetic source. They are wonderful for underscoring, soundscapes and so much more.
The user-interface allows articulations to be layered, mixed and reversed. LFO controls can be enabled, allowing your DAW’s tempo to dictate the modulation of an individual layer’s volume. This opens the door for tempo-synced swells and unleashes even more creative possibilities for evolving texture.

• Made for the latest full version of Kontakt 6 (Not intended for Kontakt Player)
• VST3, VST2, AU and AAX compatible host
• 2.24 GB of samples (2.1 GB download size)
• 6 Core Articulations
• Dozens of Presets