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在硬件 FX 单元 Zen Delay 的现象之后,它的虚拟继任者现在可用。

新的 LFO 页面为生活注入了令人惊讶的节奏动画,控制滤波器和延迟,使用 FM 和 AM 控制进一步增加潮湿调制范围。
预设管理器有助于保存您自己的效果设置。 随附来自我们才华横溢的突变音匠团队的精选杀手级预设,例如 Mijk van Dijk、Toktok 的 Nerk、Air Liquide 的 Dr Walker 等。


After the phenomena of the hardware FX unit Zen Delay, its virtual successor is now available.

the new LFO page breathes surprising rhythmic animation to life, controlling Filter and Delay, with FM and AM controls to add further dank modulation scope.
the preset manager helps to save your own effect settings. Comes with a selection of killer presets from our talented team of mutant sound smiths such as Mijk van Dijk, Nerk from Toktok, Dr Walker of Air Liquide and others.
brand new groove timings of the various triplets and dotted delay times
possibility to change the routing between the delay and filter stages, even inserting the filter within the feedback loop.