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关于母带处理,您很可能听过类似下面这样的话多次:“它使音乐栩栩如生”或“它是过渡到令人叹为观止的东西的最后润色”或“它就像……魔法!”。 巫术当然掌握在实践者的手中,但可以肯定的是,正如所有巫师都挥舞着一种不起眼但功能无限强大的装置,这是他们神秘知识与物质世界之间的管道,掌握工程师也是如此。 对巫师来说,它是魔杖,对母带工程师来说,它是均衡器。

忘记所有关于 30Hz 以下“高通”频率的知识,欢迎使用 Sweet Tremor 提升次声波频率! 衰减频率,你最终会得到更有力和开放的声音! 提高频率,最后耳朵里全是甜甜的棉花糖! 当您在 Plugin Doctor 中检查 200 Hz 的低架或 2 kHz 的高架以及“通往天堂的阶梯”图表时惊恐地尖叫,但当您听到它时会融化在椅子上 – 就像炎热夏日的糖果 . 没有任何意义……在视觉上,但您的耳朵告诉您并非如此。

P440 Sweet Spot 让您重新思考 EQ 的功能。 P440……你的神秘魔杖。

3 Band EQ 结合了固定 Q 和比例 Q。
带共振的 LP & HP 滤波器。
所有参数都暴露给您的 DAW 以实现自动化。
macOS:芯片就绪的 AU、AAX 和 VST3 格式。
Windows:VST3 和 AAX 格式。
Linux LV2 格式即将推出!


You have very likely heard words similar to the following uttered many times about mastering: “it makes the music come to life” or “it is the final polish that transitions into something breathtaking” or “It is like… magic!”. The wizardry lies in the hands of the practitioner of course, but surely, as all wizards wield an unassuming yet infinitely powerful device that is a conduit between their mystical knowledge and the physical world, so does the mastering engineer. To the wizard, it is the magic wand and to the mastering engineer, it is the equalizer.

Forget everything you have been taught about “High Passing” frequencies below 30Hz, and welcome to Sweet Tremor boosting infrasonic frequencies! Attenuate frequencies and you end up with a punchier and open sound! Boost frequencies and end up with sweet cotton candy all over your ears! Scream in horror when you check in Plugin Doctor the low shelf at 200 Hz or the high shelf at 2 kHz with a “stairway to heaven” graph, but then melt in your chair when you listen to it- like candy on a hot summer day. Nothing makes sense …visually but your ears tell you otherwise.

P440 Sweet Spot will let you rethink what an EQ can do. P440… your mystical magic wand.

Organic hardware-like feel & behavior.
3 Band EQ combining fixed and proportional Q.
New Tremor circuit.
Custom Shelving curves.
LP & HP filters with resonance.
Zero sample latency!
Dual-mono behavior from within the plugin.
All parameters are exposed to your DAW for automation.
macOS: Silicon ready AU, AAX and VST3 formats.
Windows: VST3 and AAX formats.
Linux LV2 format coming soon!