Team R2R | 2023.04.29 | 10.8 MB

Limited-S 使用与典型的 De-Essers、Dynamic EQ 等不同的方法,因为它不使用传统的压缩器类型的起音/衰减电平检测器。 相反,Limited-S 使用非常快速的有限脉冲响应 (FIR) 滤波器,该滤波器始终精确计算信号的包络。 无需为获得可接受的结果而对启动和衰减设置大惊小怪。 当 Threshold 和 Ratio 设置得当,在大多数情况下 de-essing 动作将是完全透明的。 您只会听到更少的嘶嘶声。


Limited-S uses a different approach than typical De-Essers, Dynamic EQs, etc., in that it does not use a tradition compressor-type Attack/Decay level detector. Instead, Limited-S uses a very fast, Finite Impulse Response (FIR) filter that exactly calculates the envelope of the signal at all times. There is no need to fuss with attack and decay settings to get acceptable results. When Threshold and Ratio are set properly, de-essing action will be completely transparent in most cases. All you will hear is less sibilance.