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ADPTR AUDIO 的 Metric AB 是首选参考插件,只需单击著名的“A/B”按钮即可查看和听到您的混音与任何歌曲的比较。 此新更新包括音乐制作社区所需的功能,为您提供更多控制并增强整体用户体验。

混音和母带处理所需的所有参考仪表。 在主通道上插入 Metric AB,按键绑定“A/B”按钮,然后使用键盘在混音之间快速切换。

将最多 16 个参考轨道拖放到 Metric AB 中。 立即匹配您的混音和每个参考曲目的响度。 有四种不同的响度匹配模式可供选择。 消除响度偏差并在几秒钟内进行准确的 A/B 比较。

将参考轨道的播放与 DAW 同步。 设置提示标记以在不同歌曲部分的开头播放参考。 根据您的喜好,选择“锁定”、“提示”、“同步”或“手动”播放模式来更改参考曲目的播放行为。

通过多种分析模式获取技术:频谱、相关性、立体图像、动态和响度 (LUFS)。 从各种图形选项中进行选择,包括绘图、八度、第三八度、关键和多重。 单独、并排或分层查看 A 流(蓝色)和 B 流(橙色)信息,以查明最小的混合差异。

掌握仪表有助于识别技术组合差异。 尽管如此,您还应该用耳朵来确定是否需要对混音进行更改。 Metric AB 的滤波器组允许您独奏不同的频率范围并精确试听您的音频。

Metric AB 可以播放各种格式的参考曲目,包括 WAV、AIFF、FLAC、M4A 和 MP3。 还包括对多种语言的字符支持,确保您最喜欢的歌曲的曲目标题按预期显示。

公制 AB 版本 1.4 中的新增功能
Metric AB 1.4 版包括对所有主要插件格式的 Apple M1 和 M2 芯片的支持,包括 Pro Tools 的 AAX、可调整大小的 UI、GUI 增强、可用性升级、附加文件兼容性、改进的过滤器、更好的 DAW 兼容性以及大量错误修复。 主要增强功能包括新的响度匹配模式、重新优化的图形绘制系统、增强的滤波器精度和扩展的 MIDI 参数可用性。

16 个参考轨道槽
与您的 DAW 同步的提示点
可调整大小的 UI(S、M、L、XL)


ADPTR AUDIO’s Metric AB is the go-to reference plugin for seeing and hearing how your mix compares to any song with the click of the famous “A/B” button. This new update includes the features that the music production community has demanded , giving you even more control and enhancing the overall user experience.

Streamline your workflow
All the reference meters you need for mixing and mastering. Insert Metric AB on your master channel, key bind the “A/B” button, and quickly toggle between mixes using your keyboard.

Instant loudness matching
Drag and drop up to 16 reference tracks into Metric AB. Match the loudness of your mix and every reference track at once. There are four different loudness-matching modes to choose from. Eliminate loudness bias and conduct accurate A/B comparisons in seconds.

Precise playback options
Sync the playback of reference tracks with your DAW. Set cue markers to play references at the beginning of different song sections. Depending on your preference, select the Latch, Cue, Sync, or Manual playback mode to change the playback behavior of reference tracks.

See the differences
Get technical with multiple analysis modes: spectrum, correlation, stereo image, dynamics, and loudness (LUFS). Select from various graph options, including Plot, Octave, 3rd Octave, Critical, and Multi. View the A stream (blue) and B stream (orange) information individually, side by side, or layered together to pinpoint the smallest mix variances.

Hear the differences
Mastering meters are helpful for identifying technical mix discrepancies. Although, you should also use your ears to determine whether or not you need to make changes to your mix. Metric AB’s filter bank allows you to solo different frequency ranges and audition your audio with precision.

Support for multiple audio formats and languages
Metric AB can play back reference tracks in various formats, including WAV, AIFF, FLAC, M4A, and MP3. Character support for a wide range of languages is also included, ensuring the track titles of your favorite songs display as intended.

New in Metric AB version 1.4
Metric AB version 1.4 includes support for Apple’s M1 and M2 chips in all major plugin formats including, AAX for Pro Tools, a resizable UI, GUI enhancements, usability upgrades, additional file compatibility, improved filters, better DAW compatibility, and numerous bug fixes. Key enhancements include new loudness match modes, a re-optimized graphics drawing system, enhanced filter accuracy, and expanded MIDI parameter availability.

Compare your mix to a reference with the click of a button
16 reference track slots
Instant loudness matching
Cue points that sync with your DAW
Five detailed mastering meters
Customizable filter bank
Support for Apple’s M1 and M2 chips
Resizable UI (S, M, L, XL)