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Bitwig Studio 是利用强大的编辑工具、富有表现力的 MIDI 支持、乐器和效果在制作的每个阶段实现任何音乐创意的单一解决方案。

Bitwig Studio 5 现已推出,它引入了五个新的 MSEG
开发该系列调制器和模块导致了我们整个调制系统的重大升级。 在版本 5 中,调制器可以执行更多操作,例如控制轨道和项目级参数以及扩展到弹出窗口。 我们还创建了使用我们的软件进行现场表演的新方法,并对浏览器进行了全面改进,以便轻松找到您需要的内容…………


Bitwig Studio is the single solution for realizing any musical idea across every stage of production with Powerful Editing Tools, Expressive MIDI Support, Instruments & Effects.

Bitwig Studio 5 is OUT NOW and it introduces five new MSEGs
Developing this family of modulators and modules led to a major upgrade for our entire modulation system. In version 5, modulators can do more, like control track- and project-level parameters and expand into pop-out windows. We also created new ways to perform live with our software, and overhauled the browsers to make it easy to find what you need………..