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Relay 使用您的(内部或外部)声卡作为继电器检测器,并将开/关信号转换为 RDS 命令,这些命令可以发送到大多数 RDS 编码器,包括 Stereo Tool 和 STXtreme 中的编码器。

目前我们仅支持发送 PI 代码,但只需在您需要更多代码时询问我们,我们将添加可在其中输入 RDS 命令列表的字段。 这是一款利基产品,因此我们只会在人们提出要求时才添加功能 – 除非您有非常具体的要求,否则不需要额外付费。


Relay uses your (internal or external) sound card as a relay detector, and translates on/off signals into RDS commands that can be sent to most RDS encoders, including those in Stereo Tool and STXtreme.

For now we only support sending PI codes, but just ask us when you need more and we’ll add fields where you can enter lists of RDS commands. This is a niche product so we only add features to it when people ask for them – and unless you have very specific requests that won’t cost extra.