macOS | 2 October 2023 | 8.27GB
WiN (Incl V.R Patch) | 2 October 2023 | 8.53 GB

Waves is the world’s leading developer of audio plugins and signal processors for the professional and consumer electronics audio markets.

Release Notes
October 2, 2023

– Updated: [StudioRack](https://www.waves.com/plugins/studiorack), [CLA MixHub](https://www.waves.com/plugins/cla-mixhub), and [Scheps Omni Channel 2](https://www.waves.com/plugins/scheps-omni-channel) (v14.21.79.535):
– Fixed: General bug fixes for future compatibility.
– Fixed: Automation for VST3 plugins.
– New: Waves StudioRack is now supported in OBS Studio 21.9.3 running on Mac Intel processors. Waves plugins can now run in OBS Studio on both Mac Intel and Windows, via the StudioRack plugin chainer.

– Apple Silicon is not supported and not tested
– Waves Gemstones and Key Detector does not work